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Kitchen Doors

Revamping your kitchen doesn't have to be expensive. At Sherwood Kitchens we have a simple approach to transform your kitchen area, by taking off your existing kitchen doors and replacing them with new doors, for a cost-effective solution. 

All of our replacement kitchen doors are locally sourced and made to order in any specific size. 

Our doors can be made out of 5 different materials and 6 different styles to suit your taste

. Our vinyl kitchen doors come in 30 colours and 30 styles making over 900 vinyl door options.

Painted doors come in 40 different styles available in any colour making the different styles endless.

Acrylic, Natural and Stained wood come in a variety of colours and styles too.

All of the products purchased within our showrooms are installed by our fully qualified, insured installation team.

To view our range, please feel free to come into either the Witney or Kidlington shop to view the showroom and speak with one of our assistants about your requirements.

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